4th Year Hike 2013

 This year mom and dad came to help on the 4th year hike.

 There were so many cute wild flowers on our hike.
 We saw these huge mushrooms growing out of a tree. They looked like they should be in a Disney movie.

 We hiked 9 miles and called this good :)
 Making their food over our light weight camp stoves.

 This is Kennedy, Me, and Emily...my hiking buddies.
 My pack. I loved hiking and I totally would've hiked 20 miles if we could have. 


Mandy Lately

Jared is by far her one of her favorite people. 



I'll let the pictures tell the story.......



Ok so here is a bunch of really random pictures. They are all pictures from my iPod so they are a little grainy.
The one of me with those glasses­čś│ goodness, I look like a school teacher from 1900:))